sabato, luglio 09, 2005

Neapolis: Tom McRae + Tori Amos + Nick Cave

Nick and fans rocking the stage


Io e Ciccio

Napoli, Italy - July 8th, 2005
Tom McRae
For the restless
Border Song
A & B song
Walking 2 hawaii
The boy with the bubblegun
Language of fools

Tori Amos
Original Sinsuality
Yes, Anastasia
Little Earthquakes
Amber Waves
Improv - Sweet The Sting
Purple Rain (Prince cover)
Blood Roses
Cars And Guitars
Improv - Northern Lad
Improv (tubular bells) - Spring Haze
Barons Of Suburbia

Nick Cave
West country girl
Abbatoir blues
Red right hand
Wonderful life
Baby you turn me on (dedicata alla moglie)
The weeping song
Cannibal's hymn
Rock of gibraltar
Messyah Ward
Henry lee
The mercy seat
Hiding all away
God is in the house

The lyre of orpheus
Stagger lee (sloooow version)
Jack the ripper

giovedì, luglio 07, 2005

Roma: Tori Amos

Original Sinsuality
Take to the Sky
Mother Revolution
Cloud on my Tongue
Amber Waves
Playboy Mommy

piano bar
Father Figure (George Micheal cover)
Imagine (John Lennon cover)

Blood Roses
Liquid Diamonds
The Beekeeper

1st encore
Sweet the Sting

2nd encore
Hey Jupiter

PS: Buon Compleanno, Claire! :o)