mercoledì, giugno 14, 2006

Messaggio speciale

Oggi ho ricevuto un messaggio da Al Gore. Dice

According to the experts, the climate crisis could - if unchecked - literally destroy the habitability of the Earth and bring civilization to a halt.

This really is not a political issue. It is a moral issue! Here's what the Fox News reviewer wrote about the movie, 'An Inconvenient Truth': 'Not to be missed. It doesn't matter whether you're a Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative....your mind will be changed in a nanosecond.'

Learning about this crisis is the first step toward solving it. Then, we all have to turn knowledge into action and concern into commitment.

My wife Tipper and I feel so strongly about the need for action, we are giving 100% of whatever profits we receive from the movie and the accompanying book by the same name, to a bipartisan educational effort.

Comincia a spiegarlo ai tuoi petrolieri e al tuo caro presidente.

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