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Alanis Morissette Tour 2008 / Istanbul

© Harun

Istanbul, Turchia (5 luglio) - La setlist è stata più o meno (non c'era il primo encore) quella di Vienna (a meno di qualche spostamento nell'ordine):

Moratorium (Intro)
All I Really Want
Eight Easy Steps
Citizen Of The Planet
Head Over Feet
Unprodigal Daughter
Versions Of Violence
That Particular Time
Hand In My Pocket
You oughta know

Thank U

Dall'inviato, il mio caro amico Harun, si sa che lei ha suonato tardi (alle 23.50), che il pubblico era ormai completamente ubriaco, e che di suoi fans ce n'erano pochini..

Sempre da Harun, questa non ve la traduco.. tanto si capisce

her soundcheckers sucked big time. they couldn’t calibrate her microphone sound level well.

during her 1st song -uninvited- while she was singing she kept making hand moves to them (but not by directly looking at them) to raise the sound of it but i think only me understood what she meant there. auidience thought she was making some kind of a ‘new move’ or something and started screaming..

then she stopped caring about it and had the full concert with that low level. it was a shame. i was 5-6 meters away from her yet i couldn’t here a nice live alanis sound.

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